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Increase the value of your home, without doing a costly addition or remodel by adding our beautiful plantation shutters. The timeless elegance and classic appearance that never goes out of style will only enhance and beautify your home now and years into the future.

Wood Shutters

There is nothing that creates a beautifully finished window like a quality shutter. Truly, shutters are the finest way to cover your windows. We offer the ultimate in style and value.

From our classic 2 1/2″ louver to the bold and wider 4 1/2″ size, we offer you the variety to reach that perfect appearance for your room.

With 20 stains and 21 painted finishes, plus the option of in-house custom color matching, our shutters will be the perfect compliment to your decorating ideas.


Polycore Wood Shutters

These have a similar look and range of options to Wood Shutters, including wide panels and specialty shapes at a more affordable price.

Our Polycore Shutters include 3 1/2″ & 4 1/2″ louvers, are flame retardant, and are moisture-resistant as well. With an aluminum core throughout the panels and louvers, it won’t warp like some wood products can.

The Polycore Shutter is the strongest around, and includes a warranty up to 25 years.

Mirage Shutters

Mirage is a plantation shutter with uniquely shaped louvers that take the ambient glow of sunlight and shapes that glow into stunning, breathtaking patterns.

Our nine unique designs add a new sense of texture to any environment.

Mirage offers custom paints and stains, and has a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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