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How Are Foggy Windows Repaired?

Do you have windows that are foggy? Is it not within your budget for full window replacement? There is a solution: Foggy Window Repair.

Foggy Window

Foggy Window Repair is a straightforward process that involves removing the moisture trapped between the glass panes of a window.

First, a small hole is drilled at the edge of the window to create an entry point. Then, a special drying agent is injected into the space between the window panes, absorbing the excess moisture. Once the moisture is removed, the hole is sealed to prevent any further air or moisture from entering.

After the repair, the window looks clear again, and the foggy appearance is gone. It's a cost-effective solution that extends the life of the window without the need for a full replacement. This simple and efficient method helps homeowners regain clear visibility through their windows and improves the overall aesthetics of their living spaces.

Ready to have your foggy windows repaired? Give us a call and we'll schedule time to give you an estimate.


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